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A snapshot feature called Challenge Rifts are also included on the update of "Diablo 3" where players can take an actual snapshot of their build every week and players can also try it in the static dungeon.

Myriam the Mystic will have her own tab in the interface where you can change colors quickly on player's gear.

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Seasonal rewards also include new pets and cosmetic items.

On the "Diablo" Blog, "Diablo 3" will also feature Seasonal leaderboards where players will race against each other to attain a spot on the leader boards.

Blizzard confirmed that "Diablo" is in fact a live game which they are constantly updating and will be expanding in the coming days.

According to Kotaku, Blizzard made some clarifications during the weekends that there were bit of new updates that were added to "Diablo 3".


"Diablo 3" has been announced to release a version PS4 and Xbox One that will possibly be released on 2017.

"Diablo" posted on Twitter that there will be new features available for the consoles such as seasonal rewards where players can earn full six-piece class set when they achieve some specific goals.

First update is the Armory, where you can save up to five character's load-outs so players won't have to manually keep on changing out their skills and gears.

Another update for "Diablo 3" is a new tab for crafting materials which will hinder players from getting inventory slots.

"The desolate, fog-enshrouded Moors have been occupied by armies and empires over time," said the Blizzard team during the Blizz Con 2016 discussing New zones for "Diablo 3".

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