Updating all brick fireplace dating tips on the sims 2 deluxe

If it’s outdated and doesn’t match your decor then it isn’t doing you any favours. Whether it’s stain or paint, you need to sand it to remove the majority of the sheen.

On the otherhand, if it’s white and you’re looking to make a change, painting it a dramatic colour can add some instant impact to your space. If you don’t do this, the new finish may not stick as well.

We also painted the oak mantel white and spray painted the brass surround. It is about 1/3 as thick as a standard tile, meaning that you can put it over existing tile without worrying that it will a) slide off b) create a large lip on the edges. All of the options are stone/marble/travertine, meaning that it’s an upscale look that adds panache to any backsplash or fireplace surround. It comes in 12 x 12 sheets meaning that if you pick the right pattern (square, not staggered), you will not even have to rent a tile cutter to install this product around your fireplace.

Most brass surrounds have pieces that are removable.

Unfortunately, some surrounds also have a strip of brass that separates the tile surround from the fireplace insert and this is not removable, however once the other pieces are painted it’s barely noticeable.

In most cases it’s best to use oil primer as the water in latex primer can often raise the grain in the wood – creating yet another step in the process. Regardless of whether you’re painting over wood/stain or existing paint, I still recommend Behr 2 in 1 paint.

You can use latex paint over oil primer without any worries. 3 coats of this product will give you a beautiful finish as it has a moderate amount of self-levelling properties which make for a smooth surface when applied with a 10-13mm nap roller. ) Remember, paint takes 3 weeks to cure properly so be gentle.

400 grit sandpaper should be used to etch the surface without carving it.

You aren’t ‘sanding it down’ you are ‘scuffing it up’.

Use 150 grit to break it up then 220 grit to smooth it out. If you are painting over any raw wood you’d be smart to prime it first.

While you can apply lacquer/varathane as a finishing coat, I personally haven’t found it necessary as this product has held up very well on many different surfaces in my home.

These tiles were installed OVER the old porcelain tile – no muss no fuss!

Source – Dear Molly Anne Step 1 Sand with fine grit sandpaper.

The new paint needs a roughed-up surface to stick to and if the old surface is shiny the new paint will not adhere properly.



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