Updating acura software

All they could tell me was this is a known issue and a software update is in the works.

Community Q&A Many Acura navigation owners don't like their startup screen.This article should be interesting to all Acura navigation owners who want to change the startup screen of the navigation.The actual navigation system of Acura is an Alpine unit running Windows CE on a SH-4 processor.There is the program called Dumpnavi which will pull out and modify the files contained in a . Some of the things that can be done by this program are changing the background picture to your own personal image, removing the words "Navigation Screen" at the beginning screen, and change some of the words that pop up.

He couldn't tell me when it would be fixed and he was unwilling to keep me in mind and give me a call when it becomes available.

This is very frustrating since the Bluetooth connection is very hit or miss for me.



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