Updating access data from excel Skipe chatfree nude

I have it automatically refresh the data when opened and automatically save when closed.

What I'd like the script to do is on_Click(), open the specified file in excel, Excel should then read from Access and refresh its query (I may be wrong if it really does this), then save and close.



I have an excel file that reads from the Access database and displays data from a query.

In particular, they are interested in seeing where their customers reside so they can more effectively target their advertising dollars.

Luckily, the same features that Excel provides for viewing and organizing information in a spreadsheet, such as , charting, and grouping, can be used to view and organize information in an Access database. Note: We’ll use the sample Northwind Access database to demonstrate how Excel connects to data sources.

You can download it here: Northwind Web Database 1.


I should point out that I have a FE and BE to my Access DB.

Northwind Trading Company, a small wholesale food business, is doing quite well since they moved online.



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