Updating a cracked iphone

Saurik just tweeted, "*sigh*: evasi0n, in China, installs an "app store" for cracked apps".


Reports are coming in quickly; however, i0n1c and saurik have confirmed the news.

User grugq claims that "A Chinese company paid the evad3rs a rumored 1 million dollars for the jailbreak, forcing their own App Store onto the phone." The evasi0n tool is heavily obfuscated as well, according to hacker Sam Marshall making it harder to separate the components of the jailbreak.

Even more surprising is that some users claim the jailbreak uploads with private user data from previous tweaks/apps to a company known as 'Qihoo360' which does not have a good reputation, according to forum users.i H8sn0w claims that the reason the jailbreak was rushed was because another 'team/individual' was selling it for cheaper -- that 'team/individual' is rumored to be geohot, who claims the sale was never going to happen.

Essentially, the evad3rs had to rush to get the jailbreak out the door in order to save other exploits that another team would burn (if they were to release).

Update: Saurik just tweeted: BTW, I knew about Tai G 2 months ago: I warned evad3rs it was sketchy, told them there would be piracy, and tried to find them a better deal.Update 2: The evad3rs have addressed the community.



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