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To use DBD:: ORACLE to connect to an Oracle database, ORACLE_HOME environment variable should be set correctly.In general, the value used should match the version of Oracle that was used to build DBD:: Oracle.The following examples show several ways a connection can be created: Note the lack of a connection name (use the ORACLE_SID environment variable).If an explicit SID is used you will probably get an ORA-01004 error. (Authentication to remote Oracle databases using your Unix login name without a password is possible but it is not secure and not recommended so not documented here.If the query is run locally, Oracle will return the time zone based on the "TZ" environment variable setting of the user running the query.With local queries, you can change the time zone for a particular user by simply changing the setting of "TZ".Also remember that depending on the operating system you are using the differing "ORACLE" environment variables may be case sensitive, so if you are not connecting as you should double check the case of both the variable and its value.



If using dynamic linking then ORACLE_HOME should match the version of Oracle that will be used to load in the Oracle client libraries (via LD_LIBRARY_PATH, ldconfig, or similar on Unix).Oracle can use two environment variables to specify default connections: ORACLE_SID and TWO_TASK.



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