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Anyway glad you found a solution, till you buy the next Canon DSLR Did you at least simply install DPP on your PC and IRIS still fail to convert the CR2 files properly?Some packages seem to look for the dll files in the Canon folders somehow...I want to simply convert the CR2 format, preferably to fits, without any processing. Simplest way I found to get around this instantly is to use the Canon DPP (Digital Photo Professional) software that came with your camera and use it to batch convert all your Raw files to 16-bit tiff using Linear (NB !!! The tiff files are then ready for loading to any astro software you choose.


As far as I am aware when you convert from Raw using Linear the data are unchanged.

In the early days of DSLR astro there was no DSLR software for any of the stuff we take for granted today, like calibrating with darks, flats, bias, etc.



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