Up dating 89 xj jeep radiator


The heater core looks similar to a small radiator – it has coils and fins to transfer heat to the air.The car engine’s coolant is pumped through the heater core while the fan (also called a blower), pushes air through the heater core fins.Heater elements are common in portable heaters used in the home – however automobiles use coolant from the car engine’s cooling system to transfer heat to the passenger compartment, through the use of a heater core.That’s why a car heater doesn’t start blowing warm air until the vehicle reaches operating temperature. Knowing how the automotive heater system is designed to work, allows the car owner or auto tech to diagnose problems more quickly and easily.Car heaters are designed much differently than home heaters, therefore diagnosing and repairing auto heaters requires different service procedures.


When air blows through the heater core fins the air is warmed and in turn heats up the passenger compartment.One of the most common causes of a car heater blowing cold air is from low coolant.Also see It’s always best to have a basic understanding on how a particular system works, to be able to diagnose problems easier.When a car heater blows cold air, there are several possibilities that should be considered. Many people are unaware that there’s NOT an electric element in a car’s heater system.

Modern Jeeps will be located in the driver side of the door jamb, while other places to look are on the firewall, in front of the radiator support, or under the driver seat. Most paint codes will be three digits long and start with a "P". For a list of touch up paint colors for your Jeep, please use the following link: Jeep Touch Up Paint Jeep All Models: Driver side door jamb, In front of radiator, or on firewall, under the driver seat Cherokee: In Front of radiator, on driver side firewall, or in drivers door Comanche: Radiator Support Commander: Inside Driver’s Door / jam Compass: Driver side Door Jamb Grand Cherokee: In Front of radiator, passenger side of firewall, driver side door jamb Liberty: Driver side Door Jamb, in Front of radiator Patriot: Driver side Door Jamb Wagoneer: Radiator Support Wrangler: Under the driver seat, drivers door, bottom deck This Jeep has a paint code of PXR.



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