United states dating traditions


“Dinner and a movie” or the traditional “white tablecloth” fine dining experience are what might come to mind when you think of dates, but many Americans prefer the first date to be a fun activity.

Bicycling, hiking, picnicking, attending a sporting event, indoor rock climbing, and even visiting museums are all inventive first dates that Americans love.There really is not a rule when it comes to paying for dates in the U.S.: many girls will say that they expect the boy to pay on the first date, while others will argue that the person who initiated the date should be the one to pay. ) there are some things which are generally culturally accepted as dating “do’s” and “don’ts.” Although it is not incredibly common, it is socially acceptable for girls to ask guys out. has a very big “car culture,” so it comes as no surprise that cars are a big part of dating traditions.

Although it is difficult to say exactly what the dating traditions are in the United States (everyone is different!

) and visiting the museums in Balboa Park are all great ideas.



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