Ukraine dating scam expensive travels


In most cases the men may end up paying thousands of dollars for chatting online to beautiful women who they will likely end up never meeting in person. ) a lot of money, if I wanted I'd be able to buy an apartment now.

But critics say that the unrealistic expectations of Ukrainian women of what a foreign man might offer makes them easy prey for scammers.

A handsome-looking US soldier introduced himself online to Svitlana.

Svitlana Kononenko: But an even larger number of foreign men, disillusioned with dating at home, become victims of intricate online scams while looking for their other half in Ukraine.

Tetiana recently married a Belgian man and moved to his hometown.Read also Ukraine Today presents the documentary ‘ATM Woman' in English For many Ukrainian women this is a fairytale come to life, a foreign prince comes to Ukraine to whisk them off to a better life.'s probably a record breaking amount." Ukraine is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world.And it's no wonder that Ukraine's internet romance industry is thriving despite economic hardships and the ongoing conflict in the eastern part of the country.


Online sites are fighting their image of pairing seedy-looking older Western men with young women from poor, impoverished backgrounds.This is Tetiana, she is a former Ukrainian TV presenter.


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