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to select one or multiple files, the callback is called with one argument that represents the File/Blob object for each selected file.

During uploading you can get some kind of useful information like the following : WARNING: File type detection is based on the file name in the URL so if the URL is obfuscated it won't work ( won't work, work).

A store is the place where your files are saved, it could be your local hard drive or a distant cloud hosting solution. A common use is to resize/compress images to optimize the uploaded files.


If you don't want anyone to do anything, you must define permission rules.By default, there is no restriction (except the filter) on insert, remove and update actions.The permission system has changed since method on the store.Note: Since v0.3.5, every file has a token attribute when its transfer is complete, this token can be used as a password to access/display the file. You can also change this token whenever you want making older links to be staled.


Upload FS is a package for the Meteor framework that aims to make file uploading easy, fast and configurable.

Some important features are supported like the ability to start, stop or even abort a transfer, securing file access, transforming files on writing or reading...



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