Ucf student dating is dating in high school good

Disciplinary action against faculty and staff occurs after an investigation, but without a hearing.

Filing a complaint is often the best way to seek protection from future harm.

To better understand the complaint process contact the .


Failure by the victim to offer physical resistance to the offender does not mean consent was given.A person may not be able to consent if under the influence of drugs or alcohol.UCF is dedicated to making sure students have the information and resources needed to get the help they deserve.If you have been involved in a sexual harassment or assault incident please learn what steps to take, how to report, and where to obtain support on campus.


The victim should also try to preserve evidence of the assault especially during the first 96 hours after the assault for possible investigation. Bringing a formal complaint will lead to an investigation and can result in disciplinary action.Disciplinary action against students found in violation occurs after a hearing conducted by the Office of Student Conduct.



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