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A third defendant, also accused of taking part in the assault and also Emirati, is being tried in a juvenile court where the proceedings are closed to the public.Last week, the two adult defendants pleaded not guilty to charges of kidnapping with deceit and illicit sexual intercourse.The other defendant’s attorney did not appear in court for the hearing, which lasted a few minutes.The two are accused of kidnapping two boys and sexually assaulting one of them in July.


According to court documents, the 35-year-old defendant has been identified as HIV positive.

The mother of the 15-year-old accused authorities Thursday of lying about his HIV status to cover up the fact that AIDS exists in this booming Arab city-state.


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    - CS Monitor (June 16, 2015) Internet dating website launched by state - BBC (May 28, 2015) Meeting, Mating, and Cheating Online in Iran (Spring 2007)-by Pardis Mahdavi Matchmaking Sites Female Genital Mutilatio FGM in Iran Iran - Stop FGM Middle East Virginity Virginity Still a Commodity in Iran - Mianeh (February 4, 2011) There Are No Real Virgins in Tehran - Doublex (July 6, 2009) Recreating virginity in Iran - The Guardian (May 12, 2009) Information on virginity (chastity) tests (UNHCR) Pregnancy The sexual activity during pregnancy among a group of Iranian women-by M Shoja Premarital Sex Poll shows rise in premarital sex in Iran - Y Net (December 31, 2008) Premarital sex on rise as Iranians delay marriage, survey finds - The Guardian (December 29, 2008) Sexual Harrasment & Stalking Sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Voice of America - Politico (April 20, 2010) 'Harassed' Iran student arrested - BBC (June 20, 2008) Spy camera warning for Iran women - BBC (November 24, 2006) Women Stalking in Iran (PDF)-Explores the social and legal issues.

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