Tyler junior college dating personals

Cons Higher Education became more of a business than a place of learning.

Being surrounded daily with the energy and synergy of young adults keeps one alive and challenged.

Opportunities to speak into the lives of those searching out career paths and discovering their strengths and what truly makes them happy is rewarding to the inner man.

“This is of great importance.” Campus carry law concerning concealed handguns was effective Aug. For TJC and other community colleges, the law will not take effect until a year later on Aug. Under the “Zero Tolerance Section” in the college’s current student handbook, use or possession of any items appearing to be, or which could be used as weapons, including firearms are not allowed on the college’s premises unless they are expressly permitted by law.

Beautiful campus (I've been on many campuses throughout 23 years and very few even rate in comparison).

According to the website, a campus police crime log indicated the weapon was a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson.

Although Tyler PD is investigating, Public Information Officer Don Martin said, this is not their case, and campus police are leading the investigation, according to The

Officials said there is a zero tolerance for any behavior that violates school policies or is criminal behavior.

“Anytime you have reports of shots fired, we take that very seriously, so we do have an open investigation,” said Kim Lessner, TJC marketing executive.

Tyler Junior College officials say they have suspended students involved in a shooting on campus late Monday night, but administrators have not released the names of those involved or indicated how many were suspended.

Officials said the investigation into the shooting reported at p.m.


“While it is still an ongoing investigation, TJC has taken immediate action to suspend students involved in the incident,” the school said in the statement.

“Following further investigation, TJC will pursue all available actions, including enforcement of any violations of school rules and policies as well as full prosecution of any criminal behavior.” A report from The Drumbeat.com, the TJC student-run news website, indicated officers with the Tyler Police Department and campus police were at the scene investigating, including examining a bullet hole in an air conditioning unit.



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