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A while ago I wrote an article for the Examiner demonstrating that when calculated on a per service basis, women doctors actually make more from Medicaid payments than men.

Women earn dramatically less than men because they see fewer patients and offer fewer services, but per service, they actually make slightly more.

This is why you will hear outcome feminists howl about women in high-paying corporate positions, in positions of power and control and influence, but not a word about equal numbers of women in dangerous, dirty, poorly paid, labor intensive positions.

We cannot allow women to practice the kind of science that interests them!

They must practice the kind of science that typically interests men, because men are superior to women!

Let me switch gears here for a second and talk about women in STEM. They need to love atoms and quantum entanglement and bridges and nuclear reactors!

Despite throwing every incentive their way, the percentage of women in STEM fields hasn’t budged that much over 20 years, with one big exception: medicine, both veterinary and human. Women love science when they can use it to take care of puppies, kittens and babies. All this taking care of living creatures stuff must end!

Opportunity feminists were very correct to challenge that state of affairs, but they failed to challenge the status quo that kept men who had traditionally feminine interests from pursuing the lives they wanted for themselves. Warren Farrell does a wonderful job exploring how opportunity feminists broke down barriers for women, but actively upheld barriers against men.


I found these infographics that explain the feminist math behind the wage gap quite nicely: One of the articles I linked to in the Examiner article, a very interesting fact came to light: almost half of all doctors in the US are married to other doctors. Lots of people marry people in the same occupation as themselves, and the workplace is a very common meeting grounds.While it’s true that there is a trend towards people marrying others in the same profession, the fact that half of all doctors marry other doctors is quite remarkable.


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