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Quote ” Despite recent media coverage, the travel advice for Turkey has not been significantly changed.

Although we do advise against all but essential travel to areas near the Syrian border, the overall terrorist threat level in Turkey has remained unchanged for years.

As of the 18th July, the USA has updated their policy to say…

““The situation in Turkey appears to be calming following an attempted coup overnight on 15-16 July.


Update 30th of June 2015 – If you have arrived at this page because of the incident that happened in Tunisa, or you are concerned about ISIS and Syria, please take a look at this article instead, which talks about those concerns. : If you have arrived at this page because of the stupid, fear mongering article printed by the Daily Express newspaper on June the 13th, please just ignore it.

Even the British ambassador to Turkey has called it alarmist and inaccurate – Read more here The British Embassy in the capital of Turkey called Ankara have also published this statement on their Facebook page.



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