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If anyone wants to help bring this place to life, I'll hook you up with moderator priveledges. ~~~~**MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE**~~ ONE MORE THING: I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THE PIC OF YOUR BF/GF !!! :) ~~~*** YOU ARE ALONE PLEASE TAKE ME ON***~~~~ ~~~~***YOU WILL LOVE THIS DARE!! WARNING: DON'T TAKE THE DARE IF YOU DON'T WANT A FAMILY !!! I noticed that this place is dead and it shouldn't be because it's a vessel for imagination and fun. feel free to shoot any questions or truths or dares or whatever my way ; D Hi! i'll come up with an interesting truth and/or dare soon enough, but for now just saying hi.I occasionally play online in private chat and am looking for ideas for picture-able dares, and Male-Fem willing to perform a few (mild) dares. only warning is i'll expect you to play along and take your turn, if you dare/ask and i provide. I will dare the person that replies with something do diabolical, it will make your head spin!! It's only been up a few days, but there's already 50+ people registered! I DARE ANYONE WHO IS LONLEY TO SEND A ~~~~***MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE ***~~~ TO YOU GET A BF/GF... Join me in turning the internet into what it damn well should be: a huge place to get your rocks off!!! I've created a new website / message board for people who want to play Truth Or Dare online. rule#1: you cannot back out of a dare once it is given.rule#2: if a person wants yaoi, then damnit they will get yaoi. ❤ What is the silliest thing you have an emotional attachment to? :) You can make a personal profile, including a pic of yourself, then post Truths Or Dares and attach images too.

If you have trouble viewing/transmitting on Firefox on a Mac, try switching to Safari or Chrome.

IE9 will usually view cams but sometimes fails to show your own cam when broadcasting.


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