Trina dating lil wayne again who is ashley cole dating from the valleys


She was a celeb before him, but nobody gave a fuck about her. *yawn* You guys forget Wayne and Trina dated for years..also miscarried his bady.Its some real love there...thats why Khia dont like Trina because she had a crush on Wayne but went with Trina...that's wheb Khia started going in on Trina hard lol tell nw yall dont remember that???? Wayne did hurt Trina and thats when she started cheating too Kenyon Martin..they dated for a few years Monica is a lady , and I for one am so happy that she is not changing her character for no one,, if her ass did half the shit these other singers did, we wouldnt believe it cuz its not her,, yeah she like them bad boys, but I think after Rocko hurt her,, God made sure he brougth Shannon in her life to show her what real happiness was all about..Watch Lil' Wayne profess his love for the rapstress inside and see pics of Diddy, Ludacris and others partying with Monica. Delilah Silk Shirtdress, Christian Louboutin Riviera Trash Clutch, and Casadei Cutout Platform Sandals that had him wanting that old thing back.It may have been Monica's big Mother's Day party...the talk of the evening was Lil' Wayne's set. He and his homie screamed into the mic asking her to come on stage, and Lil Wayne said he just had to let her know he "misses her and loves her." Ahhhh that never dying hood love.Weezy, who performed three songs, gave a very "intimate" shout out Sunday night at Liv to Trina and appeared to still have some "feelings" for the queen of Miami. Too bad she's moved on with OKC baller and the NBA's 6th Man of the Year James Harden.Watch Weezy profess love for Trina below: Meanwhile, Monica threw a fab party and had some fun with her husband Shannon Brown along with her cousin Ludacris and his girlfriend Eudoxie.Nobody was checkin for monica before she married a NBA player.guess its not a shock why people put so much emphasis on the sport with the whole groupie thing.


they truly compliment eachother "yeah she like them bad boys, but I think after Rocko hurt her,, God made sure he brougth Shannon in her life to show her what real happiness was all about.. He lives everyone lol agree monica looks great and soooo lady like love it about the bag you may wanna do some more research its not rare at all maybe you should come to nyc and hang on the upper east side very common and if the money and social class is right there may not even be a wait for it $$$ I can't take Wayne seriously when it comes to who he so-called "loves", because his actions sure don't show it. Millions of members with good economic condition and high quality. with other single black, white girls and men in your city.. There is a saying like this "Only one himself knows if the shoes match his feet or not"。If you really love her /him, race, color or age. We met via _______Blackwhiteplanet,, C0'M____, For hot and sexy singles online dating.they truly compliment eachother " THAT WAS A BEAUTIFUL COMMENT... Love when a lady dresses like one and her Birkin is SICK I love the color. He did every interview talking to anyone who would listen that he missed & "loved" Nivea. ain't nothing but a number for these loved-up A-Listers. If you are interested in meeting lovely beautiful interracial single, you have reached the right place. "Libra Men" are not gay-they only go well with "Libra Women"(I wish Will Smith, Russell Simmons, Little Wayne, Eminem and Hugh Jackman would all figure this information out)!And Diddy kept the Ciroc flowing all night, of course, while partiers like Rico Love and Kevin Hart (not pictured) made their rounds. or does it seem like monica may have taken a pose and smile class with the same person LA LA used? i have watched monica over the years and she just looks fake as fuck these days.trying to APPEAR to be that cookie cutter NBA wife, when the bitch doesnt really have any culture or class anyway. Quite frankly natasha..about sick and tired of seeing these 2 on this site.

Rapper Trina found out some very interesting news while partying with Monica in Miami recently.....her ex Lil' Wayne (who currently has a girlfriend named Dhea) misses her.


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