Tricom validating machine


This is because orbital welds are generally smoother than comparable manual welds on the inside of the tube.The smoothness eliminates crevices that could entrap the product and make cleaning and sanitation problematic.This project involved a joint venture between Tricom from Holland who designed the plant, MBL from New Zealand who supplied the process equipment, and Lincomax, from Uruguay, the installing contractor.

Workers collect and package the powdered milk at ground level.

From Liquid to Powder The process of making powdered milk is complex, requiring tight control of temperatures and pressures for every part of the process.

The plant is arranged vertically with milk stored in large tanks at the top of a 65 meter tower. Then the slurry is pumped under pressure and released in a spray.

Major plant installations can require the combined efforts of experts from more than one country.

Such was the case of the powdered milk plant installation in Conaprole, Uruguay, now the largest in Latin America.

Typically welders join sanitary process piping by autogenous welding in a singlepass butt weld.


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