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Cartier has maintained a long history of superior jewelry making, dating back to 1847.

In 1904, Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont told Louis Francois Cartier that his pocket watch was neither reliable nor practical for aviation purposes.

With Texture, virtually any magazine you could Something else I LOVE about Texture is that you can also create a completely personalized magazine reading experience!


In response to his friend's complaint, Cartier designed a wristwatch with a slim case and a square bezel named the "Santos" - the first Cartier men's watch, and an enduring part of their I’ve ever tried are from pages I’ve ripped out of magazines.Or if I am reading an article and don’t have time to finish, I can add it to a “read later” collection and it’s saved for when I have more time.So while standing in line at the grocery store scrolling through Parents magazine on my phone {have you guys seen their AH-dorable kids craft ideas??! }, these fabulous pictures of an easy DIY Fondue party for kiddos popped up and I thought, hmmmm Fondue???


Texture is a mobile app that brings the joy of magazine perusing RIGHT to your finger tips!

As busy moms and wives, if it’s more than your wallet, keys and phone, it’s going to get left behind as we rush out the door.


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    A stateless architecture is easy to scale horizontally and only requires simple round-robin load balancing. Perhaps the increased latency from the roundtrips to the database. Isn’t preserving identity by shipping functions to data instead of shipping data to functions a better approach?

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    As you scroll down through the page, you can review the items that were added this year in chronological order.

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    The only sign of her glamorous past are the few celebrity friends who served as subjects, actors Casey Affleck, Ione Skye, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Patricia Arquette among them.

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