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But come fall, drop it down as low as it’ll go without scalping the turf.

Short grass gives leaves less to get caught on as they drift around the neighborhood.

The typical plug-in version isn’t powerful enough to extinguish a birthday candle, never mind move a pile of damp leaves—or a single well-nestled acorn.

A: The problem with hiring a landscaper to do your fall leaf cleanup isn’t necessarily the 0 to 0-plus price tag, it’s that this is not a once-a-season job.

In many regions of the country, autumn lasts weeks and weeks, so it takes a handful of cleanups to keep your property neat and tidy.

(Just please wear ear protection, because even this quieter-than-most version is quite loud.) Tarp: Don’t try to transport a big pile of leaves all the way to the woods for disposal- or the curb if your municipality picks them up with a vacuum truck— using a blower, not even a backpack one.

(This is especially true if you have a neighbor who waits until absolutely every branch is bare before he’ll lift a rake, ensuring that his leaves continue to blow onto your lawn until the first frost glues them to the ground.) The good news is that do-it-yourself leaf removal doesn’t have to be a blister-raising, hamstring-stressing effort.With the right tools, the leaves can be gone before the first afternoon football game kicks off. Lawnmower: Throughout the spring and summer, setting the mower to maximum height is one of the best things you can do for your lawn’s health.


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