If you are seriously looking for a healthy relationship, then this blog will seriously help you Read more...

A one stop shop for any self-identifying nerd looking for love.

Not only can you find articles about “dating, online dating, and relationships (with a geek bent),” but they even offer dating profile writing and coaching services.

With this blog you’ll be taking that RPG romance into the real world in no time.

From online dating, to real life matchmaking services, quirky dating stories and dating do's and don’ts; you'll find practical advice, interesting information and relatable romance stories. That special someone may be just one click away.“The life and love of a twenty-something dating disaster,” is the tag line for this blog, summing it up quite well.

This blog is perfect for any millennial, as you will get a nice combination of funny, real life dating stories in the 21This self-titled blog created by Groves, author, speaker and sales consultant with a certificate in Applied Positive Psychology is great for anyone looking to transform their love life. Peruse the in-depth articles, or even have a one on one call with Groves himself.


Looking to find love but don't know where to start?Well, this list of top dating blogs to follow in 2016 will help set you on the right path.


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