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This post is part of an ongoing series about how references work.It began with an introduction to the generic APA Style reference and the author or “who” element.


Follow IMDb on Facebook When Charlie Countryman is running back to his hostel after Gabi Ibanescu tells him she'll kiss him if he finds her tomorrow, Charlie runs without his shoes and socks on after he removed them to show Gabi a ballet move.But this film has the potential to be one of the best movies I have ever seen.You can find film reviews on the BBC website, listed according to film genre.Notice what each review is doing and ask yourself what is the purpose of each review?

For most references, it’s pretty straightforward: The date element is the year of publication, found on the copyright page (for books) or the first page of the article (for journals); put it in parentheses and follow with a period.However, as we’ve seen in previous posts, the basic reference pattern can sometimes have a few unexpected twists.


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