Toilet chat room adult united states dating customs


It was then euphemistically used for the similarly private rooms used for urination and defecation.


For more pooping icons you can also check out the shitting and farting smiley face sections, there is a lot of rude stuff there.

From women sucking pussies to staff members doing members on the benches and showers. Two female members who would end up in showers daily for a little tongue action. Two collage girls who would dance around and rub each other.

Some of these guys are doing their business on the toilet, others are cleaning or taking a shower.

It is commonly known as a "restroom" in American English, a "loo" in British English, and by many other names. Formerly, broadcast censorship even banned mentions of the euphemisms: Jack Paar temporarily quit the Tonight Show in February 1960 when NBC broadcast news footage in place of a joke he had taped involving the term "WC".


"Toilet" originally referred to personal grooming and came by metonymy to be used for the personal chambers used for bathing, dressing, &c.It is, however, a useful term since it is quickly understood by English-speakers across the world, whereas more polite terms vary by region.


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