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That could take various forms: The networks could alternate Finals coverage each year, or carve up the Finals—played as the best-of-seven—in a given year.” Both networks are in exclusive negotiating windows and nothing can be done on the Finals until that time expires.ESPN has aired the Finals exclusively on ABC since 2003 and has no intention of giving them up.“At first, I didn’t know how the harness worked, but I was pretty nervous.


“I was horrified.” Indeed, VH1’s editing error did not go unnoticed by strangers on the internet, nor even by her friends.“So your money shot is on cable TV,” read one text message from a friend. The 28-year-old model is even blaming Viacom for the demise of her month-long relationship with a man who broke up with her after he saw her television debut.“Mosquitos biting you the entire time being naked hurt much worse than you can imagine,” she said. As the NBA enters its final two years of its TV contract with ESPN and TNT, we’re learning a few details of what could be in the next contract.

In case you haven’t been able to figure it out by now, the show is about dating… Cast member Keegan Moyer told Hollywood that he wasn’t exactly ready for his first date on the show.

“I went zip lining, and because you’re naked, all your ‘stuff’ is touching each other right away — it was very interesting,” Keegan told us.


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