Tiwanaku dating

There was no wall between the standing stones as there is today.Many ancient civilizations used astronomical alignments in their structures.

Norse burial mounds were made with apertures that allowed a shaft of sunlight to shine into their deepest recesses on only one particular day of the year: usually the winter solstice.

The inhabitants of Chaco Canyon built rock buttresses with slots in them set up so that a beam of sunlight could pierce the heart of a chiseled spiral petrogram on the summer solstice.

April 30, 2012 Did this ancient site experience a catastrophic end?

Tiwanaku, or Tiahuanaco in Spanish, is a ruined citadel occupying almost 10 square kilometers in the Bolivian Andes at an altitude greater than 3800 meters.

According to the book, by University of La Paz Professor Arthur Posnansky, Tiwanaku is closer to 17,000 years old, perhaps one of the oldest surviving human habitations on Earth.Posnansky based his estimate on the alignment of the Kalasasaya temple stones.



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