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You just need to drive traffic into your own website and see checks coming in.The best part is, my links don't look spammy now when I promote it because I simply promote my domain name saying something like "hey check out sexdatesingles" (just some random example). Some people may think this as a blackhat but I think it's ok because you are providing some good service to those who are searching. What I usually do is search for dating related recent questions in yahoo answers and provide them with my dating website link or a link to one of my blog posts whenever I feel appropriate.I just wanted to share some facts so that guys who are still in the first category can start moving into the second like me Well, a few months back I was one of the most annoying newbie dating webmaster, asking silly questions most of the time in forums and to my webmaster friend circle.I have done TGPs, Premium Tours, live chats and free community and much more. It's where you start your own dating website, using your own domain name.Im not to much in to the dating scene or cpa offers in general although I plan too. I'm looking at cellphone and ringtone white labels myself and it seems from talking to white label providers they want you to have an existing site with high traffic before they provide you with a white label site. Very slow server, poor support, no money back if cancel in the first month (like say the FAQ), server are down many day in the week... When someone signs up and become a paid member, you get credit for it. Above that some white label dating programs like wdp allow you to use direct profile for promotional campaigns and so, you can gain a very high level of conversion if you stay creative. You can be a bit creative on this and get some really converting traffic.I have done this and I know those traffic do convert for dating. Finally found one of few threads about White label.But I was never able to convert much and I never knew how to drive traffic into my affiliate sites using my links. The dating database is provided by the Affiliate Company and you start out with some millions of members.



And I can tell you some of my yahoo answer pages rank very well for some very good long tail dating dating keywords. I don't know why but there doesn't seem to be much discussion or info about white label schemes.

You just need to dig a little bit on keywords, that all. If you have some spare time, check it out and enjoy Great info. Just wondering orangesails, did you make a niche dating site or a general one? yep i tried dating site builder and lost around 0, all crap, there website is not good at all, the bandwidth they offer is tooooooo low, you cannot run a high traffic website with that bandwidth worst thing is they keep on asking more and more money for simple upgrades and features which should have been included by default, and there scheme doest work...


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