The joy of text mating dating and techno relating


It doesn't speak well of H+ Magazine that they would publish this sort of thing.There's the question of the scientific validity of these claims, not to mention the article's apparent ignorance of the "Seduction Community", which has been attempting a similar (if arguably more respectful) project for decades.


And then there's the writing itself, which should make anyone with even a shred of respect for women and women's rights shudder.

Some of the commenters on the piece try to defend it as just a joke, but it sounds a bit more like the rantings of a few bitter science/engineering students I knew in college who tried to couch their misogyny in supposedly humorous or scientific language.

"Female primates can tell the difference and boink accordingly." Classy. All we ever think about is sex.")Maybe I'm missing something here, but this seems to conflict a bit with all of that social respect and intelligence stuff.

From this, he assures us, "At Spring Break in 2011, science nerds will get more sex than jocks and cheerleaders, because science nerds will understand the biology of human desire." (Which sounds hilariously if probably unintentionally like the response in Revenge of the Nerds to the cheerleader's query "Are all nerds as good as you? If there's one thing I know about women, it's that talking about how hormonal and easily manipulated they are isn't likely to endear you to them.


He goes on to weave the latest evolutionary/social psychology/biology research into a story about how he "headed to Spring Break in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, so I could observe these principles at work in the courtship behavior of drunken beach apes." Wherein he indeed describes what he sees as if viewing primates, complete with descriptions of how women's menstrual cycles alter their mating preferences, etc.

Here's the kicker: the main principle Quirk wants to relate (perhaps with the aim of lending some reassurance to the self-image of the magazine's likely readers) is that women are attracted not to alpha males but to men with social respect and intelligence.


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