The dating simulator

Start the incredible game called Zayn Malik Date Simulator and choose a cute color for Amy's eyes such as green, a new hair color such as a cute blond and an outfit with blue and red colors.

She is now ready for the date and you can help her say the correct things to win a second date, get his number and even a sweet kiss.

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Will characters views on you be affected by others(like causing papyrus to experience heartbreak, resulting in a permanent hate by sans)Good morning/afternoon/night to all of you!

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I dont know if this has been asked before and if it has sorry in advance but here i go.

In practice it is just a simple Google Form, but it means a little more than that to me.

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Cute Amy is a very lucky girl, the luckiest in the world.

She is a big fun of the great pop band One Direction. She participated in a very fun contest and won a date with him. Amy needs to prep for the very fun date with her favorite artist and you can help her.In Zayn Malik Date Simulator you need to make sure you answer the questions such as what is his favorite song or how many tattoos he has to prove that Amy is his biggest fan.


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