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Newbern also narrated Toyota's commercials for the 2010 model year of the Prius, one of the car company's younger automotive models, and portrayed Harold in Michael Dorn is an actor best known for his role as the Klingon Worf in the Star Trek franchise.Michael grew up in Pasadena, California where he attended the Pasadena City College. Dorn made his television debut as a guest on the television show WEB in 1978.He stood in a corner in a rigid posture and marched into the room while scowling, when he was called.After reading, he grumpily thanked the director and walked out.As for his character, Dorn has appeared in more Star Trek episodes and movies than anyone else.He recently reprised his role as Superman in the as the President of the Allied States of America.In 2009, he sent a DNA sample into space to preserve the Newbern genome.


Meanwhile, he performed a little­known role in Rocky in 1976 as Apollo Creed’s bodyguard.Dorn’s most notable role, however, was that of Klingon Starfleet officer Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Newbern's first lead role was in 1987's fifth season two-part opener "The Batman/Superman Story" and the series finale episode "Lost Heroes" even though that series was described as existing in a different continuity. This first acting role spurred him on to other acting roles and eventually on to movie roles.


According to him, he got the role by coming into his interview prepared.

Like the stereotypical Klingon warrior, he did not smile or speak.


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