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The lottery will be held by an independent software application developed by a dedicated lottery app developer.The total number of hours for which users will be able to enjoy free indian chat rooms has not yet released officially.But some sources from inside the company have confirmed that they will soon come out with the total number of hours that will be able for free chat.

A company release has stated how customers and visitors can participate in the lottery.

Visitors can download a form from the company website and can fill it out and upload it back to the website.

The company will not ask complex private information.

But the interested participants will have to share their name and email ids in addition to other preferences related to the adult chat session.


The Indian adult video chatting industry is growing more and more popular by the day and most websites are trying to catch in with the growth.

has decided to give away some freebies to its users and it has announced that some users will be able to avail free lottery hours on the site.


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