Tegoshi yuya dating

A recent 2ch thread starts with some of the sad and angry Twitter responses mentioned Yukirin’s twitter handle: “Are you going to quit?

You said you liked idols, that’s why you became an idol; yet you can’t protect the rules of your group. I thought everything has going to be okay after your cried at your solo concert, but everything you say from now on just looks like a lie.” “Yukirin, if this is true, I’m really sad.I feel sorry for the junior members who trusted you.” “Traitor” “Is this true? If you want to have relationships, I wish you’d have graduated first.” There are a few other tweets about, but that seems like the brunt of it.It might be really strict, but firing even popular AKB member is a possibility.If that happens, maybe other popular members will be fired too.

You both have a lot of fans, so you should dissolve your secret relationship; please return to having a relationship you only make salutations as fellow celebrities” And it continues on from another user with one final jab at AKB management in general: “You really have no right to be part of AKB.You could just say that you two are friends, and it’d be all okay.



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