Team fortress 2 updating slow

You can find the IP of the Server by clicking the [Server] Button.

The IP actual is Last time i played the mod it was pretty unbalanced.

When i try to launch tf2, tf2 keeps verifiying it's cache. When i click cancel at 100%, it says download paused.

When i click play again, it gets stuck at the preparing to launch tf2 screen.

Thats why i would like to know what things have changed.


EDIT: My operating system is mac os x lion 10.7.4 (soon to be 10.7.5.) My computer is a macbook pro late 2011 13 inch baseline.I've tried to go in the steam apps folder and into my account name's folder and deleting the tf2 folder.Then i go back to steam and try to install tf2 again.Mages should be slow, Ranger medium speed and melee fast speed. Can you change that the mage can attack by left mouseclick?


When i delete local game content and try to download it again, it downloads insanely slow and steam reports the download speed to be around 600 kbps. I've tried deleting everything in my steam folder except for Steam Apps, that didn't work.I tried deleting clientregistry.blob, that didn't work.


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