Taylor swift dating royalty


According to a source, Drake did not introduce Swift to his mom because they're dating — he was just being hospitable because he wanted to make sure Taylor felt welcome. Swift secretly worked on "This Is What You Came For" with her ex, Calvin Harris, which Rihanna ended up singing.

Just prior to the bash, Drake commented on Swift's Instagram with an emoji seal of approval. It seems to add up to a whole lot of nothing right now, especially considering that Drizzy and Tay tend to have types that are not each other. Swift and Drake have both aligned with Apple Music in the great streaming wars. Swift's turn as a ghostwriter caused some drama, and if Drake, who will never, ever truly get over Riri, wants to make his ex mad, dating Swift has a lot of potential in that department. Drake allegedly loves ghostwriters, so hooking up with Nils Sjoberg would make perfect sense. She's got a blank space, so why not write his name?

But there's always reason to believe that any pair of young, good-looking rich people might hop in bed together, so you never know. Swift's bad blood is infamous, while Drake was looking for revenge all summer sixteen. Apple/Tidal/Spotify beef has the potential to make Thanksgiving awkward when music royalty is involved, so it's best not to date outside your preferred streaming service.

Could T-Swift really be making Drake's hotline bling? High profile relationships, certainly, will never go out of pop style.


A three-judge panel known as the Copyright Royalty Board will soon announce how much digital-radio services must pay record labels for the right to broadcast their songs through 2020.

After Harry Styles, Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston, it doesn't seem likely that she will date a Canadian. Drake has been rumored to be dating models Dakota Gonzales and India Love since (and possibly before) the latest incarnation of Aubrih fizzled out. The day after his birthday, Drake went to a Kanye West concert, which is not the sort of thing a person does while romancing Taylor Alison Swift. Swift, bless her heart, says she's trying to avoid overexposure while she huddles down and tries to beat the massive success of .

The survival of music streaming services, the fastest-growing channel for content distribution, could depend on the outcome.

There is no question that artists and copyright owners deserve proper compensation for their work.

I'm talking, of course, about the rumors that two of heartbreak's pop MVPs, Drake and Taylor Swift, are maybe sort of interested in dating each other. But the relationship whispers began when Swift attended Drake's birthday party on Sunday, and why would you invite anyone to celebrate with you if you're not planning to make out with them a lot?Swift apparently spent a lot of time with Drake and his mom — usually more of a third date activity for Tay, but whatever — and the rumors began.



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