Taylor swift and justin timberlake dating

According to Going into the awards, Taylor Swift was nominated eight times, more than any other artist this year.

In the end, Taylor Swift would go home with the most awards as well.

As Justin Bieber finished singing “Love Yourself” and “Company” during the ceremony, Taylor Swift and her man Calvin Harris didn’t hide their disdain for the 22-year-old pop artist that dated Swift squad member Selena Gomez.

Their actions tell the entire story without need for words.

The theme of her thankfulness continued to come back to the friends she has made throughout her life.After winning for Female Artist of the Year, Taylor Swift explained her decision-making process.It was tight fitting and while it showed off her arms, the jumpsuit covered her legs.Taylor Swift paired the ensemble with black ankle boots.


The top awards that Taylor Swift won were Female Artist of the Year and Album of the Year for her record.

Taylor Swift also won for Best Tour as well as the Best Meme-able moment.



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