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The fruit, called the date, is a usually oblong brown berry.Dendrochronology has proved useful in archaeology and climatology.Dates have long been an important food in desert regions and are the source of syrup, alcohol, vinegar and a strong liquor.The date line is a consequence of the worldwide use of timekeeping systems arranged so that local noon corresponds approximately to the time at which the Sun crosses the local meridian of longitude.Hodnotné výťažky z magnólie, karnitínu a kofeínu vytvoria na Vašich nohách neuveriteľne opálený a hodvábne hladký efekt.Scientists may use either relative dating, in which items are sequenced on the basis of stratigraphic clues or a presumed evolution in form or structure, or absolute dating, in which items are assigned a date independent of context.The latter type includes potassium-argon and carbon-14 dating; both are based on the measurement of radioactive decay.


South of the Equator, another eastward deviation allows certain island groups to have the same day as New Zealand.In geology and archaeology, the process of determining an object's or event's place within a chronological scheme.



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