Sxs cam love is not updating

The camera is reported as being available from February 2013. Click here for the Sony pdf about the PMW-F55 My wish is that everyone can look at new artistic tools with a kind consideration for others. This is an exciting time for motion capture..different from when you either shot with a bulky 35mm tank or a smaller inferior tank, and you had only a few options.

This camera tells me Sony is under a lot of pressure, looks aimed straight at taking market away from RED. I'll have to wait until we produce something with these one and go through all the stages from production to finish.

Those of you freaking out about price and comparing this camera to the Canon C series, and complaining about the "extra" modular components that you "must" purchase before shooting are the people who are NOT expected to use this camera.

Sony has introduced two 4K-capable modular cameras, including the F55 which has a Super 35-sized sensor with a global shutter.

The specifications of the two cameras are pretty overwhelming - 16-bit Raw recording, parallel 2K and 4K recording, but the biggest news is the global shutter - the ability to capture all pixels simultaneously, rather than one line at a time - totally eliminating rolling shutter effect.

-The RED Scarlet package (batteries, remote, EVF, touch screen, ssd module, ssd reader, batteries, brain, 4x64GB ssd's, etc..) plus red rocket card for post production is around .000-Canon C line doesn't make sense from top to bottom.. To me it looks like Canon was caught by surprise with the success of the 5D Mk II on the video and even the film market and they still don't have a clue what they're doing. But if it matches RED I'll still go with RED, they deserve support for being innovators, for disrupting the market and shaking the big guys.

Not sure if I follow you, Ed -- are you saying that a RED SCARLET CAMERA and all of the ACCESSORIES that you had listed for it altogether costs USD ,000?

The camera itself can capture footage at up to 180fps for 2K/HD without line-skipping, or at up to 240fps in 2K Raw with the AXS-R5 recorder module.



Click here for EOS HD's take on the cameras Many of the F55's specifications are promised for future delivery, but the expectation is that it will be able to record 16-bit 4k Raw to an optional offboard AXSM memory card module (the AXS-R5 RAW recorder) while also capturing identically time-coded footage on its internal Sx S memory cards.The internal footage can be captured in a range of resolutions and industry-standard formats, ranging from MPEG2 HD 8-bit footage at 50mbps up to 10-bit XAVC 4K at 300mbps.


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