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The fact that he wears sunglasses indoors really doesn’t help his image either.Svenske kronor er (som det fremgår af navnet) den valuta, der bliver brugt i Sverige.Navnesammenfaldet med danske kroner er ikke tilfældigt, for det var oprindelig den samme valuta.In case you didn’t know what the UC Davis mascot was, apparently it’s a blue horse with a creepy smile, and hands instead of hooves.Although this mascot’s genetic makeup is quite confusing, I still wouldn’t consider it intimidating.Let’s be real, this mascot looks like the type of guy that everyone hated in high school.The Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops don’t intimidate me, but rather irritate me.

I think we need to start with this mascot’s choice of footwear.On a more serious note, a hen is a pretty odd choice for a mascot and not intimidating at all.It isn’t likely that the monocle and mustache instill terror in any of their rivals.That's still not intimidating, but a lot less creepy.

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