Steve tough love dating advice dating a bad girl


Certified coaches and licensed therapists act as personal coaches and a dedicated team of full-time matchmakers work side-by-side with these coaches to ensure conscientious, hand-selected introductions coupled with personalized advice from decades of professional experience.

A second generation matchmaker and CEO at Master Matchmakers, Steve guides people toward fulfilling relationships with honesty and authenticity. Alongside his mom, he co-authored a book called “Crash Course in Love.” In all his endeavors, he hopes to improve the dating experience for singles.

Master Matchmakers conducts face-to-face interviews and background checks to thoroughly get to know clients before sending them out on a date.


The Short Version: From 2009 to 2013, professional matchmakers Jo Ann and Steve Ward hosted VH1’s “Tough Love.” Over the course of six seasons, this mother-and-son duo showcased their talent for encouraging, advising, and sometimes giving a reality check to people looking for love.

When not in show business, the duo runs Master Matchmakers to help singles find a relationship through matchmaking and date coaching.

In all aspects of dating, the Ward family supports greater truthfulness and trust.

In 2003, Steve Ward thought he was on his way to becoming an investment banker.


She and her date hit it off and were soon engaged to be married.

Steve’s very first introduction was a rousing success, and just like that he was hooked.


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