Stella and jenny warpaint dating dating bellevue wa

Even if there was an origin of an idea, we all expand on that and try and make it a collaborative, democratic process where everyone feels comfortable with what they're doing, and feels that they've expressed themselves if they have an idea about the way that a song should be arranged or any changes or moods.

We're all open to listening to each others points of view. One of them is called "Bees," which is a song we've been doing live a fair bit since the beginning of the year.

The Los Angeles four-piece Warpaint crafts haunting dreampsych with iridescent harmonies and filmy reverb, but don't label them as an all-girl band: The quartet comes from the Thurston Moore school of rocking out.

Warpaint's hypnotic post-whatever sound has drawn a legion of celebrity devotees, from the band's collective idol, RZA -- they're all big, big Wu-Tang fans -- to the late Heath Ledger (may he rest), and Shannyn Sossamon, vocalist/bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg's sister (and Warpaint's drummer before Stella Mozgawa).

We caught up with the charming, hilarious Mozgawa earlier this week as she was relaxing at a friend's house.

Our conversation topics ranged from dating musicians, her intense fascination with Lady Gaga and an undying love for sake bombs and hip-hop.

Warpaint's at the Luminary Center for the Arts Tonight with Javelin. Diana Benanti: Stella Mozgawa: That's an important ingredient in relaxation.


There's a few different styles and aesthetics that are presented on it, I suppose that's a pretentious response [ I guess all of them in some respects.And there's another song hopefully people will like as well called "Shadow." Perhaps, I think initially when a new band comes into your consciousness, you want to categorize them as a listener and a consumer -- "Oh, this would go really well with this half of my record collection, or I could listen to this on a mix with these other bands..." I supposed in some way every band gets pigeonholed, even if they're eclectic they're going to be pigeonholed as an eclectic band. We went to a bar on top of a hotel after the show, and there was a really nice view of the Arch and someone told us lots of stories about the Arch and how people perished in the building of it, and little factoids about it.


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