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Compassion's work in Sri Lanka began in 2010, with local worship centers reaching out to more than 1,000 babies and their mothers in partnership with Compassion's Child Survival Program.The Child Sponsorship Program was then started in January 2012.Tourism in its modern form developed only after the 1960's in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon), although there have been many travellers to the island throughout ancient and colonial times.


Children are busy with school during the week so they meet at the child development center on Saturdays and holidays.

What Compassion Sponsorship Provides In partnership with local worship centers, Compassion is bringing help and hope to children in need in southern Sri Lanka.

Rainfall, largely from monsoons, boosts Sri Lanka’s agriculture production, except in the north.

Economy Sri Lanka’s industry historically has centered on agricultural products such as tea, rubber and coconuts, which are all grown on plantations.

Compassion is a new ministry here, but already it is making a significant difference.

Most governments of the South and South East Asian countries have adopted tourism as a strategy for development.


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