Sprung dating game walkthrough becky speed dating durango co

Sprung touted a script involving the work of Colleen Mc Guinness, who wrote an episode and served as story editor for other episodes of the FOX television series North Shore.

It also seeked to build an identity as a title for a slightly more mature audience than expected for the then-fledgling Nintendo DS (Sprung was released within weeks of the system launch), dealing with mildly raunchy dating subject matter--though there is no truly explicit or gratuitous sexuality.

Sprung is a dating game that takes place at an upscale ski resort.

Their adventures take place all over town: at the ski lodge, in a gondola, at a popular nightclub, and, of course, in a hot tub.

The game features humorous dialogs and adult situations with upbeat music and 2D graphics.

Each character has a separate story with entirely different escapades.

They'll interact with scantily clad babes and hunks in this "simulation" of the dating scene.

The bulk of the game is entirely dialogue-driven; there is no traditional "pixel hunt" gameplay for finding items, and no discernible "puzzles" for you to solve.There are a scant amount of "mini-games" for you to contend with, though these really manifest themselves in the form of memory challenges within the dialogue text itself (as opposed to being full-on, separate mini-games).



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    If you haven’t heard from the guy in more than a week, then that ship has sailed.

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    Follow the on-screen insturctions to finish installing the software update, which should take around half an hour depending on the spec of your Mac.

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    This adult game included a lots of video content, so please be patience while it is loading.

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