Spikey webcam


This means we only have a few months to figure out what to do with it. Whenever we get a new phone at our office, we always make a 360° spin (like this one for the LG BL20 New Chocolate).So, one of the first things that comes to mind is “Pro FORMA + webcam + phone = instant 3D view”. Putting a 3D model in a web page is not a very easy task and the ways to do it either don’t work very well or are not widely supported.Papervision3D, for example, does 3D rendering in Flash, but it’s quite taxing on the CPU.Each player has a distinct role: one of them plays the role of the shooter, wearing a spikey gauntlet, while the other one plays the role of the collector, accumulating power in the power capsule back pack.


The game produced some excellent bowling for spectators but for one family it was heart wrenching as the players involved were brother and sister.

13 year old Kacey Cook played 16 year old Dominic Cook and are two more young players the club has coached, to become without doubt stars of the future.

The Lightning Bug game is a two-person interactive game experience, using costumes embedded with technology, projection on a half dome surface and custom software.

The players represent the last remaining lightning bugs in a world consumed by pollution, and must cooperate with each other in order to fight against a virtual enemy of darkness.


In order to detonate bombs which momentarily stun the enemy, the players must embrace to charge.

With the club holding it’s Finals this week it was no surprise that two of it’s up and coming stars met in the final of the Junior Section.



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