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Lilija Huth, Infineum HR Manager said: The recruitment event was a very refreshing idea - very different from the standard recruitment procedure for finding new employees.The whole process was turned upside down where the candidates started with an interview before they left their application with the companies.15 September 2016 This September, Deutsche Infineum Gmb H (Infineum), launched an apprenticeship programme for young people with an ambition to become chemical technicians (plant operators) at Infineum.The idea behind the programme was to offer training and education opportunities for young people to help them become specialists in their roles within Infineum and to help them understand what is needed at the start of their career in order to realise their ultimate career aspirations.They found it very interesting to be able to take a closer look at a company before they start work, which is very uncommon in Germany.At the end of the interview day, three of the five candidates where chosen to receive an apprenticeship placement at Infineum and we are very happy to welcome Giuliano Incorvaia, Manuel Karrass and Ahmet Kansiray to the Infineum family!Over all, the feedback from the candidates, regarding the entire process, was very positive.



After initial interviews, a short list of five candidates was drawn up and they were invited to take part in an information and interview day at Infineum.During this session the candidates had access to Infineum colleagues from various functions, who they would spend time with during their apprenticeship and after lunch they were offered a tour of the labs and some of the plant units.



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