Speed dating whole foods ct


, a poetry corner and hordes of young shoppers with name tags who speed-date up and down the escalators while filling their trolleys with organic treats.

The second is that shoppers are looking for entertainment, not just groceries.Whole Foods aims to create the atmosphere of a festive street-market with abundant displays of fresh food and tasting stations.The first is that people nowadays will pay a lot more for food they think is fresher and healthier.Whole Foods plays to this by spraying its great pyramids of bright red apples and head-high vegetable hedges so that they glisten as with morning dew.

More radically, its singles nights (when “like-minded people can meet like-minded people”), massage centres and meditation classes make shopping seem less a chore than an adventure. Demand for organic products is growing by about 30% a year, as Britons age and grow more concerned about their health.A survey by , a grocery think-tank, found that almost two-thirds of consumers cite health as a factor influencing their food purchases.



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