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Crewe has to be HS2 ready but I am delighted with the progress.Sir David maintained that progress on an upgraded rail line running through Crewe and an accompanying super-hub station are on track for 2027.

“In terms of the Crewe Hub, we are working closely with Cheshire East Council and Network Rail.They are leading the options and evaluations of how the hub station will work.Cheshire East Council are leading the HS2 project locally and are preparing a business plan for a hub station.Possible locations for the hub will be revealed this autumn but Cheshire East are exploring options for a frequency of seven trains per hour between Crewe and Birmingham, Manchester and London.

We are a party to those discussions.” Network Rail has commissioned Grimshaw architects to come up with a feasibility study and concept designs for a hub station in Crewe.

The trains which have a maximum speed of 225mph will shorten journey times to London from Crewe to 50 minutes.



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    While many smart cities are using Io T for transportation issues, there's a host of other initiatives these urban centers should start to address with the technology.

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