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As of October 2016, Big Tobacco has thus far spent million to run its No campaign.

The industry began it's opposition in the summer: "On July 12, 2016, Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds finally appeared when they coughed up million to create 'No on 56 - Stop the Special Interest Tax Grab… ' And on August 5, they put in another million, bringing their total so far to fight Proposition 56 to million." One tobacco industry ad claims that Prop 56 "cheats schools out of at least 0 million a year." That is a lie.

All of California's neighboring states have a higher tax (AZ = .00, NV = .80, OR = .32).The proposed .00 tax might sound steep, but it would still be a lower tax than 8 other states.The initiative is on the November 2016 ballot, and the tobacco industry is already running deceptive opposition ads. For perspective, California last raised its tobacco tax in 1998.The current tax on a pack of cigarettes is only 87 cents, the 37th lowest tax in the nation.

In fact, Prop 56 will generate million for school-based tobacco prevention programs. California's new tobacco control laws are now in effect In 2016, California achieved the tremendous accomplishment of strengthening its smokefree air law by closing many workplace loopholes.The new law went into effect on June 9, and requires non-hospitality workplaces to be 100% smokefree.



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    If your best friend thinks that “occasional” drug use is harmless and doesn’t impact other areas of his life, should YOU start doing drugs? So if I, a 38-year-old married dating coach, with a penchant for logic, a nostalgic streak, and a high tolerance for emotional upheaval, tells you that you’re being silly by deleting everything any man ever writes to you, are you actually being silly? That doesn’t mean that what you’re doing is healthy, but you already knew that. They try to figure out whether he’s a husband after three dates and pull away if they see any hint of a red flag.

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    You can catch them at the bar as these Young Call Girls in Bangalore are always available for much needed sexual desire.

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    However, I remember back in high school and in college, actually calling girls and having these long conversations at night that lasted over 4 hours or more. I do not think the term "flake" was a common word when it came to dating back then.

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    I wouldn’t put it in a profile, I wouldn’t say it on a first date, and I wouldn’t say it when slipping on a condom.

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    From here on internet service providers that were privately owned allowed for expansion and use of this technology and it has had a tremendous impact all over the world.

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