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The weather window we were pinning our last hopes on disappeared overnight: by midnight the forecast was back to SW4 or 5 and 5 am sees no change. Again it seems we would have been OK – the others seem to have reached shelter before the wind blows up and again, when we don’t go, it doesn’t seem to blow up as soon or as much as when we did. I have posted just a few of my amateur photos of the festival here as well as a couple by Keith Allso (thank you Keith! I think you’ll start to see what a ball we all had. I wish I could say that we made it here in Victoria but sadly no. Again 2 other gaffers set off at dawn and disappear into the Solent but we tried a SW 4 to 5 yesterday and we didn’t like it, so we stay.

It is only because the wind in the harbour seems to have veered that we check the forecast at 11am as we prepare to set off for a good long walk along the coast. Plans change and we leap into action for a hasty packing away of bedding and stowing of cockpit tent to make ready for sea.We say goodbye to new friend Arjen, a Dutchman living in the UK whose Finesse “Tig” we have lain alongside for the last couple of nights.I’ll spare you the full details as it is getting boring.Monday we don’t sail out because there’s a F6 in the forecast again, although it is calm at the start of the day and others do set off and later report that it was OK. Tuesday looks possible (F4 or 5, no F6) so we set off and bash our way into the tide for a couple of hours as the wind increases and waves get too big for us.

Despondently we pack a bag, cover Victoria up and set off to Cowes by public transport hoping that we’ll still be able to get into the party groove.

If you are starting to think that this blog has degenerated into an endless stream of weather updates, tidal data, failed attempts to leave and a parade of other gaffers catching us up and then leaving us behind, well, welcome to our world!



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