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Queries regarding publication rights and copyright status of materials within this collection should be directed to the appropriate curator. "A Memoir of the Ellicott Family, compiled for the use and instruction of his children, by Benjamin H. Sturtevant to his family in New Hampshire; news and conditions at U. Harwood to unidentified person concerning securities of John Mc Pheson, managers of the Presbyterian church lottery, Joseph M.

Included in this collection are approximately 5,200 individually cataloged letters, diaries, military and court records, ledger books, images, and printed ephemera (broadsides, handbills, etc.) related to the Maryland region--principally dating from 1750 to 1900. Ellicott, Baltimore City Iron Works, Block Street, Baltimore and B. Ellicott," 1857., 1/1/1845-12/31/1875Bound volume of several addresses and newspaper clippings, including: Address of Arthur George Brown at the Commemorative Entertainment of the Maryland Society of Colonial Dames of America (March 27, 1894); Address to the Medical Graduates of the University of Maryland by George William Brown (March 4, 1872); An address delivered before the Philokalian and Philomathean Societies of St. Cummings of Baltimore describing several medical cases, symptoms, treatment, and outcome; also comments on several articles of medical literature [Baltimore City], 3/15/1833-3/15/1833Autograph letter signed, Silvester Rebello, Rio de Janiro, May 30, 1843, to Joshua Cohen, professor of medicine, University of Maryland, Baltimore: Personal letter, reference to political climate in Rio and marriages of the royalty [Baltimore City], 9/12/1842-9/12/1842Autograph letter signed, Silvester Rebello, July 1843, Rio, to Joshua Cohen, professor of medicine, University of Maryland, Baltimore: Mention of political climate, imperial troops [Baltimore City], 7/1/1843-7/31/1843Autograph letter signed, John Spencer, Baltimore: July 30, 1886, to son Ernest at college in Randallstown; references to Maryland state legislature of which Spencer was a member [Baltimore City], 7/30/1886-7/30/1886Autograph letter signed, John Spencer, Baltimore, August 7 , 1886, to son Ernest away at college in Randallstown, Maryland: Discussion of Maryland legislature of which Spencer was a member and his address concerning "convict contract labor"; references also to Congress and Congressman R. Cromwell, William Ritchie (former clerk of Frederick County)., 2/18/1820-2/18/1820Letter from B. Reynolds informing her of the death of her husband, his burial, and arrangements for his personal effects.

Photocopies of original materials may be provided for a fee and at the discretion of the curator. Piper, Henry Piper, 0 to David Belser; lost December 10, 1980, card pulled, 12/11/1854-12/11/1854Autograph letter signed, August 21, 1862, Richard Walke to Walter Ball, a request to have Ball answer on a subject (not described); lost December 10, 1980, card pulled February 28, 1984, 8/21/1862-8/21/1862Autograph letter signed, Baltimore, May 15, 1873, Jonathan A. Mc Cready: Instructions on who to go to if in need and on when to plant the corn [Baltimore City], 5/15/1873-5/15/1873Autograph letter signed, Baltimore, May 20, 1877, Johnathan A. Mc Cready]: Financial, personal news and instructions, advice on marriage [Baltimore City], 5/20/1877-5/20/1877Autograph letter signed, Baltimore, April 10, 1877, Jonathan A. Mc Cready]: News of a trip shipping corn, instructions to plant corn and collect rent money [Baltimore City], 4/10/1877-4/10/1877Autograph letter signed, Baltimore, February 12, 1877, Jonathan A. Mc Cready]: Personal news and instructions on planting corn and maintaining fences [Baltimore City], 2/12/1877-2/12/1877Autograph letter signed, "Whealan Fort" [possibly Fort Henry in Wheeling, West Virginia], February 28, 1777, Elizabeth Reagan to Mark Alexander asking whether or not a house has been rented, mention of Indians [Baltimore City], 2/28/1777-2/28/1777 (Online)Autograph letter signed, Annapolis, March 26, 1866, E. George Howard, to his wife, Eliza, news of happenings in Annapolis, concerning the fate of the C&O Canal and a slave holder's convention. [Anne Arundel Count] [Cecil County], 1/11/1842-1/11/1842 (Online)Photocopies of FBI documents concerning activities of the Communist Party in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Childs and the collection includes calling cards from Mary A., Alinda B., and William Henry White and Ella Givans. Amanda Daniels, notification of her husband's (Nicholas Daniels) death and procedure for claiming his pay [Baltimore City], 3/26/1866-3/26/1866Document, autograph document signed, Baltimore, March 31, 1866, Robert S. Duer and Priscilla Miller were present when Nicholas Daniels and Amanda Robinson were wed [Baltimore County], 3/31/1866-3/31/186645 pages; photocopied book containing information about the "ancestry of the children of Richard Thomas Bentley and Edith Danson (Needles) Bentley of Bloomfield Farm, Sandy Spring, Maryland.", [undated]Two volumes. The first volume contains application forms dated 1899-1925 for admission into Fitzhugh Lee Chapter No. Wise of Virginia" on reference shelf., 9/29/1856-9/29/1856From Governor Thomas Watkins Ligon of Maryland to Governor Henry A.Biographical and autobiographical sketches, correspondence, genealogical charts, family histories, scrapbooks, testimonials, lists of property and estates, and certificates of marriages and burials for various individuals and families, primarily residents of Maryland. Wilson, political, many certificates of appointment in Frank D. Moore, Howard County: Autograph letter signed, February 13, 1846, to daughter Caroline Belt Moore from Ellicotts Mills to her boarding school in Baltimore; envelope included; explanation of a quilt owned by Caroline Belt Moore, includes 2688a, b, c [Baltimore City], 2/13/1846-2/13/1846E. Moore, Howard County: Autograph letter signed to cousin Rachel in Cincinnati, Ohio, July 16, 1840; sent from Ellicotts Mill, mention of oncoming Civil War and W. Harrison [Baltimore County], 7/16/1840-7/16/1840Autograph letter signed John Spencer, Baltimore, July 28, 1886, to son Ernest; mentions the legislation against convict contract labor which Spencer wrote and the Baltimore Lavor Free Press, a paper published in Baltimore in the interest of free labor [Baltimore City], 7/28/1886-7/28/1886Autograph letter signed, Annapolis, March 26, 1866, E. 87 (Frederick, Maryland); the second contains application forms for various other chapters in Maryland and transferals of memberships (1930-1938). Mc Donald & Co., Agents of Maryland Lotteries, corner of Baltimore Street and Centre Market Space, East Corner of Maryland Institute, Baltimore, MD. Slocum, David Willey, and Isaiah Lewis the amount owed to Cain Hurley., 2/26/1863-2/26/1863[Marhsall, J. Wise of Virginia concerning proposed meeting of Southern governors, which Ligon feels is premature.



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