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With concerts, lecture recitals, roundtable discussions, talks, and everything from composer-performer “speed dating,” to one-on-one consultations with industry professionals.#NMG2017 aims to be both a conference in the traditional sense but also quite literally a collective place for things to grow, improve, solidify and above all get personal.At the the heart of the Center’s activities are the annual Bowling Green New Music Festival and the Music at the Forefront concert series.In addition, the Center administers a grant program in support of contemporary music projects and research at the College of Musical Arts, and organizes "New Music from Bowling Green" concerts featuring faculty and student performers at acclaimed venues around the country.New Music Gathering is an annual three-day conference dedicated to the performance, production, promotion, support and creation of new concert music.

Get your tickets now for NEXT Thursday 6th October, pm onwards- book online, spaces are limited! There's plenty of fish in the sea, but sometimes it's hard to find one that isn't already hooked!

Our next social event is Tuesday 25th October at The Friend In Hand Hotel Glebe- don't miss it!!

Take a chance & come along to one of our single social events- you never know who you might meet!! The Friend In Hand Hotel Glebe Looking for someone to share summer adventures with?

Tickets include drink on arrival, hot food, live music and 10-12 mini dates.

Book now Thanks to everyone that came out last night to Gather at the Green @ Lowlands Bowling Club!! Not only will there be more sunshine for fun & games, it also means that it's time for the launch of our new event: Gather at the Green!

Very conveniently, we've gathered a bunch of the unattached ones into the one room Newcastle!



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